Cherishing Special Moments: A Father's Day Fishing Tradition

Fathers Day became a special event for Pepe and Dad, the two amphibians would wake up early to go on their yearly fishing trip together. Before the trip started young Pepe always woke early with a smile on his face knowing he’d been planning this day for weeks and couldn’t wait to spend it with his dad.


What is $PepeDad?

Making breakfast was first on his list.

As they were eating the delicious meal prepared by young Pepe, the whole family gathered to sing happy Father’s Day in a remembrance of how well he’s done this year! 1 billion market cap with thousands of believers was a hard task at-hand.

The gathering was coming close to an end and they both strapped on their fishing boots, grabbed their poles, and headed out for the day. This was their favorite part, quality time together!

It was a day filled with love, laughter, and memories that Pepe and his dad would cherish from this day forward.

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